Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Acacia Research ( Nasdaq - ACTG ) -- Apple Computer Settles

Acacia Research (ACTG $29.00) appears on track to report excellent Q1 results.  The company settled its case with Apple Computer before the quarter ended.  That transaction likely was higher than previous deals with Microsoft and Samsung.  Apple also indicated it was considering further transactions with the company, including partnerships with Acacia to enforce its own patents.  Several other large deals were concluded in the March quarter.  Another major partnership was established in early April, moreover, laying the foundation with further growth beyond.  Most of Acacia's business continues to derive from the wireless and computer areas.  New initiatives begun over the past year in medical, automotive, and energy technology promise to kick in as 2013 goes along.  Our estimates are unchanged.  But a stronger performance is possible.

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